Chris Cloney | is a student lead website devoted to reducing the global impact of dust explosion hazards by providing online resources to combustible dust handling industries, regulators, service and equipment providers, and researchers.

    Chris is a PhD student at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. He uses computer modeling to study flame propagation in hybrid mixtures of combustible dust and flammable gas, and has a passion for science communication. This passion has driven him to create an online resource for dust explosion prevention, protection, and hazard awareness.

    The goal of is to reduce the global impact of combustible dust hazards by connecting the dust explosion community. It is an inclusive space where researchers, equipment and service providers, regulators, and industry can connect.

    Chris is committed to providing interesting and useful content to the dust explosion community and to increase the awareness of combustible dust hazards. Visit the website to find reports on combustible dust incidents, collections of expert opinions on industrial and research topics, and join the weekly email newsletter to receive the latest dust explosion news and other educational material.

    The 2017 Mid-Year Combustible Dust Incident Report is ready for download download documenthere.

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    • Combustible Dust Expert Roundup
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  • Richard SiwekFireEx Consultant GmbH

    Richard Siwek | FireEx Consultant GmbH

    The Expert with such an exclusive Expertise in Explosion Protection

    Richard is the Managing Director of FireEx Consultant GmbH, fire and explosion protection Experts. His company is specialized in international advisory activities concerning risk assessment, explosion prevention and protection, explosion protection document etc.

    Richard himself is member in numerous European standardization committees (TC305) and VDI committees; he is Coworker of the research association for applied system safety and industrial medicine FSA GmbH in Mannheim Germany, which is a leading service provider for testing and certifying according to ATEX (guideline 94/9/EG). Richard`s extensive Expertise in Explosion Protection is underlined by his 150 plus publications and presentations in various technical magazines and symposia.

    Richard has contributed to many IND EX activities such as the Symposia in Glasgow or Shanghai as well as the Congresses in parallel to the Nürnberg based POWTECH trade show.

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    PROCESS delivers business and technical application-oriented information to keep industry professionals up to date with the latest developments in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. A network of cross-media channels including the trade journal PROCESS, the industry journal PharmaTEC, the international journals PROCESS worldwide, PROCESS CHINA and PROCESS INDIA in conjunction with online platforms, newsletters, databases, mobile websites, events and other services provides a central source of process industry information and also addresses the specific information needs of defined target groups. The result is a new dimension in business efficiency.

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    Electrostatic charging as an ignition source in explosion endangered areas

    The topic of electrostatic hazards in industry has long been recognized as an important but often misunderstood subject. Too often accidents have occurred because of a lack of understanding. In the course of investigations, when no obvious cause could be identified, electrostatics has often been blamed inappropriately. In many years of training it has proven to explain the complex correlations in electrostatics by experimental lectures as well as by animated PowerPoint Presentations. Our experience has inspired us to write the book “Statische Elektrizität” which already has been published in 1979. Its latest issue has been reprinted in a revised version as the 6th edition in 2010.

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  • gexcon

    owned by the University of Bergen, Norway

    GexCon is a leading global explosion consulting company, part of CMR (Christian Michelson Research). International headquarters in Bergen, Norway. Regional offices in the UK, Sweden, USA & Australia

    Our services include

    • Probabilistic assessment of dispersion and blast using computational fluid dynamic modeling, FLACS.
    • Hazardous area classification and risk assessments in accordance with DSEAR / ATEX and other national codes.
    • Accident investigations, expert witness.
    • Bespoke small & large scale contract research, experimental work.
    • Regular public and on site explosion safety training courses.
    • Explosion protection and mitigation design consultancy.
    • Dust explosion modeling using computational fluid dynamics, DESC.
    • Product testing in accordance with the ATEX equipment directive.
    • Material testing laboratories to confirm fire and explosion properties.
    The in-house developed FLACS and DESC tools have become the benchmark of industry, and are the world leaders for gas and dust explosion modeling. GEXCON`s Experts support IND EX with a lot of input and activities such as debuting lectures at IND EX symposia.

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  • Vicente Robles

    Vicente Robles

    During most of my time I have been related with engineering and sales of electrical equipment for low, medium and high voltage.

    Since my background is major influenced by the European standards and I am convinced that such standards and practices are quite advanced compared with what is normally used.

    Our team of DEISA - supplier of electrical and automation products from worldwide for process and explosion safety for the industries – aims to increase the safety awareness and technologies in Mexico. DEISA´s interest is to upgrade our technical level with the IECEx concepts specially regarding the system for area classification.

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  • Richard SiwekSGS Baseefa Limited

    Ron Sinclair | SGS Baseefa Limited

    The Expert with such an exclusive Expertise in Explosion Production

    Baseefa is one of the best known Notified Bodies in Europe for the ATEX Directive and is the world leader in issuing internationally recognised certificates within the IECEx Certification Schemes for people, service facilities and products related to hazardous areas. Ron Sinclair has worked in this field since 1975 and led the formation of the current company in 2001 as a continuation of the work previously done within the UK Health and Safety Executive when it decided to stop certification activities to avoid conflicts of interest.

    He is chair of both the UK national committee and the European Cenelec committee for standardisation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas. He and other members of the Baseefa staff play an active part in the creation of standards at the international IEC level. Having completed the maximum six years as chair of the IECEx Test and Assessment Group (ExTAG), Ron is currently chair of the IECEx Committee looking after the Service Facility Certification Scheme (ExSFC), as well as being a vice-chair of the European ATEX Notified Bodies Group (ExNB). He was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in 2011 for services to certification and standardisation.

    In addition to the full range of certification available through both the ATEX and IECEx Schemes, Baseefa provides training, consultancy and inspection services to assist users of equipment in hazardous areas. Ron has contributed special lectures for IND EX® Events and continues to promote IND EX® activities.

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  • MSU - Uni Wuppertal

    MSU - Uni Wuppertal | Holder of the chair: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uli H. Barth

    Chair of methods of safety engineering and incident research

    Safety Engineering is all about the risks the modern industrial age presents to humans and to the environment. It is an independent course of study at Bergische Universität Wuppertal (University of Wuppertal). To cover all aspects associated with risks of different kinds, a methodical basis is necessary. Technical components as well as organizational and behavioral aspects are to be integrated in this methodical basis.

    The Chair of Methods of Safety Engineering and Incident Research as one of currently 14 Chairs at the Faculty of Safety Engineering strives towards a scientifically well-grounded approach to all aspects of Safety Engineering. A multidisciplinary way of teaching, learning and working is substantial for adequate solutions for different kinds of problems in the field of Safety Engineering. Therefore, integrating different fields of science - from natural sciences over engineering sciences to fields like medicine and psychology - under the aspect of safety is mandatory. With our teaching we strive to provide our students with the fundamentals of Safety Engineering. This will prepare them for their professional careers and enable them to act responsibly in different fields of work.

    Our research efforts are aimed at developing the theoretical and methodological fundations of Safety Engineering as a scientific discipline. Findings from that part of research are then applied to practical research projects and further developed in order to enable users in the fields of industry and science to readily use the methods derived from our research.

    Main areas of research
    Methodical assessment and management of safety-relevant aspects of industrial plants and buildings Normative and historic fundamentals of Safety Engineering and Safety Science Civil Protection and Emergency Management Innovative fire extinguishing methods for coal-fires in the People's Republic of China During all of our research we are in close cooperation with our partners from industry, academia and public authorities.

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  • bulk-online

    The Powder / Bulk Portal

    Home of the powder / bulk community.

    Covers all fields of mechanical engineering in which powder and bulk materials have to be handled and processed.

    The portal features:
    • The worldwide used eDirectory search engine - visit here
    • Daily News from the Industry (in English and German) - visit news from industry here in english or here in german language
    • A large number of Specialized Forums - visit here
    • The new Who is Who in powder + bulk solids handling and processing - visit here.
    • The BULK Blog - visit here
    • The BULK Videos - visit here
    • many other services - visit here

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  • schubert gmd

    Schubert GMD

    Wolfgang Schubert was born in Leipzig, 1952. He studied print technology in Leipzig and is a trained printer. He became self-employed in 1997 having previously worked in various managerial roles in the print industry and in sales and marketing for manufacturers of roll fed and sheet fed printing presses. Since then he has also been working in the specialised field of electrostatics, in sales and marketing and also in further education. He has co-authored the specialist publication Static Electricity.

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