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Based on the knowledge about explosion protection, IND EX® supports you and develops useful apps and programs. Apply our knowledge.

EXTOOLS® - Know-how available everywhere at any time

EXTOOLS®mobile and EXTOOLS®pro are the universal tools in explosion safety e.g. for safety officers, experts and technical consultants, etc. who must deal extensively with the topic of explosion protection. They based on EN-, IEC- and ISO-Standards as well as on VDI Guidelines and reports, research work, theses, publications and technical books.

EXTOOLS®mobile is an app and consists of a rough compilation of the pro-version features. Please consider EXTOOLS®mobile as a teaser for EXTOOLS®pro.

The app.

EXTOOLS®mobile is separated in four categories: «ignitability indices», «explosion indices», «equipment» and «literature». Since the indices are obtained under standard laboratory conditions, it is important to know how they depend on factors such as temperature, pressure, particle size of the process and plant under consideration. The basic transformation rules are applied. The tool also estimates the degree of ignition hazard and the energy of various ignition sources and calculates equipment-related parameters such as maximum experimental safe gap, circumferential speeds or determines the permissible type of filter fabric for dust collectors. In the "literature" you will find the information on which EXTOOLS®mobile is based.

EXTOOLS®mobile runs on all iPhones®, iPads® with iOS 9 or higher and Android.

The Program.

EXTOOLS®pro is divided into nine categories: "Fuel", "Explosive Atmosphere", "Ignition Hazards", "Protective Systems", "Equipment", "Volumes and Surfaces", "Miscellaneous", "Material Database", "Unit Converter". With the help of this app, both preventive and constructive explosion protection can be analyzed, determined or calculated in detail. Various equipment-specific parameters for e.g. rotary valves, screw conveyors, mixers can also be determined. Furthermore, release rates of liquids / gases and the degree of ventilation of gases / vapours can be determined. The safety parameters of numerous gases and liquids are summarized in the database.

EXTOOLS®pro runs on all modern Windows® 7 or higher.

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