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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uli Barth

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    University of Wuppertal
    Gaussstr. 20
    42199 Wuppertal, Germany
    phone +49 202 439-2414
    fax +49 202 439-3922
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University of Wuppertal contact partner |  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uli Barth

Chair of methods of safety engineering and incident research

Safety Engineering is all about the risks the modern industrial age presents to humans and to the environment. It is an independent course of study at University of Wuppertal.
To cover all aspects associated with risks of different kinds, a methodical basis is necessary. Technical components as well as organizational and behavioral aspects are to be integrated in this methodical basis. The Chair of Methods of Safety Engineering and Incident Research (MSU) as one of currently 23 chairs at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering strives after a scientifically well-grounded approach to all aspects of Safety Engineering. A multidisciplinary way of teaching, learning and working is substantial for adequate solutions for different kinds of problems in the field of Safety Engineering. Therefore, integrating different fields of science - from sciences to engineering and fields of knowledge like medicine and psychology - under the aspect of safety is mandatory. With our teaching we provide our students with the fundamentals of Safety Engineering. This will prepare them for their professional careers and enable them to act responsibly in different fields of work. Our efforts in research aim at developing the theoretical and methodological foundations of Safety Engineering as a scientific discipline. Latest scientific findings are then applied to practical research projects and further developed in order to enable users in the fields of industry and science to readily use the methods derived from our research.
Our main areas of research are:
  • ✓ Methodical assessment and management of safety-relevant aspects of industrial plants and buildings
    ✓ Normative and historic fundamentals of Safety Engineering and Safety Science Civil Protection and Emergency Management
    ✓ Innovative fire extinguishing methods (e.g. coal-fires or accidents involving hazardous goods) and research on fire extinguishing systems (e.g. spark detectors and spray dryers)
During all of our research we are in close cooperation with our industrial partners, academic networks and public authorities.