We are IND EX®.

The organization IND EX® (Intercontinental Association of Experts for INDustrial EXplosion and Fire Safety e. V.) was established 2009 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. IND EX® consisting of 50 members and it has seen continuous growth since its inception. IND EX® retains and works with top experts in explosion safety from all over the world. Members come from different professional backgrounds such as plant engineers, safety consultants, equipment manufacturers, service providers and universities. Explosions can occur in a number of different production processes where the combination of an ignition source, oxygen and dust or gas are presented.
  • The consequences of explosions can be catastrophic:
  • extensive cost
  • production downtime
  • loss of market share
  • loss of facilities and equipment
  • and most importantly, loss of life.
To prevent such occurrences, IND EX® has assembled this team of specialists to address the safety needs of industries at risk of explosions. To achieve this goal, IND EX® has laid out a set of commitments to achieve its objectives.
  • Commitments:
  • Assimilation and interpretation of the existing sets of international guidelines to gain an overarching understanding of explosion related regulations. Every employer has technical and practical challenges to interpret explosion regulations.
  • Support research in explosion protection that will lead to the production of new and innovative technologies aimed at reducing the risk of explosions.
  • Organize yearly congresses and symposia to facilitate knowledge transfer in explosion protection IND EX® has become the name for expertise, experience and knowledge in explosion protection.


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ExNB Certification Institute
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Mitgliedschaft - werden Sie Insider

Mit einer Mitgliedschaft treten Sie einer starken Gemeinschaft von EXperten bei. Sie können sich aktiv bei der Umsetzung neuer weltweiter Sicherheitsstandards im Explosionsschutz beteiligen. IND EX® bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit einer Voll- oder einer Teilmitgliedschaft.

Membership - become an insider

With your membership, you become an insider of a top-class group. You are active by improving worldwide safety standards in explosion protection. IND EX® offers you the possibility of full or associated membership.

Symposia + Congresses

IND EX® organizes various symposia and congresses every year on all continents and for all sectors.

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EXTOOLS®pro is divided into ten categories: "Fuel", "Explosive Atmosphere", "Ignition Hazards", "Protective Systems", "Equipment", "Volumes and Surfaces", "Miscellaneous", "Database", "Converter", "Abbreviations". With the help of this app, both preventive and constructive explosion protection can be analyzed, determined or calculated in detail. Various equipment-specific parameters for e.g. rotary valves, screw conveyors, mixers can also be determined. Furthermore, release rates of liquids / gases and the degree of ventilation of gases / vapours can be determined. The safety parameters of numerous gases and liquids are summarized in the database.

EXTOOLS®pro runs on all modern Windows® 7 or higher.

Shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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